18 July 2014

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

The fear of failure is all consuming, it is the biggest barrier to our happiness and self fulfillment. But what if failure was no object? What life-changing decisions would you make? 

Fear of failing essentially boils down to a fear of shame. If we let it, failure highlights the limit to our capabilities, it makes us wonder about others' opinion of us, even our own opinion of ourselves. But in reality, failure is no more final than success and it is actually a crucial part in the learning process. 

We might not like to admit that there are often times when we don't even consider trying in case we stumble. We miss out on opportunities to flourish and become the person we would really like to be, choosing security instead. The only way to break the cycle is to decide that what we want to do is more significant than the anxiety. The key is to reinvent ourselves, move out of our cramping comfort zones and launch into whatever it is that we have been so stubbornly avoiding - the place where the magic happens. Failure is inevitable in a person's lifetime, but we don't have to let it signify the end of the road, just an unplanned change in direction. 

This is not my first attempt at a blog, in fact it's the third, simply because each time that I've chosen a template and hit the publish button on my first or second post the ugly self critic has reared his head and I've retracted it for some small reason or another. But this time I decided to give myself a little nudge and an almighty pep talk to encourage me to realise that perhaps the biggest mistake I could make would be that I was too afraid to make one. 

Who knows where it'll take me <3

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