17 October 2014

The highlight of summer

Thanks to my health the summer was pretty uneventful, skipping out on sunbathing on the beach and weekend getaways for everyday odds and ends, but I did have one particularly special plan penciled into my diary. Katharine and I met through our blogs and instagram a few months ago and have since kindled a friendship through long conversations over the phone; sharing everything from our 'poorly experiences' to mutual guinea piggy adoration. Last month we managed to get together and boy oh boy, did we have a good time.

After we finally stopped hugging... okay, so that didn't happen. Correction: Mid hug, we exchanged gifts, enjoyed a spot of lunch and chatted endlessly.
Four slices of dodgy gluten-free cake and three Polaroids later we had already planned a second get together before Katharine returned to uni, as well as oodles of high time adventures for Christmas and the upcoming new year.

Jokes aside, Katharine is such a ray of sunshine in the fogginess of chronic illness. Sometimes in life the unthinkable happens; your health deteriorates for whatever reason and suddenly you're faced with an uphill climb. To have a friend who truly understands the struggle is a blessing in itself, but to find one who is willing to hold your hand, laugh at all the misfortunes and assure you that every obstacle is worth overcoming, is something I never thought possible.

Thank you Katharine for having the unwavering ability to make the tough times that much more bearable, I have no doubt that all the good times we will share in the future will be entirely unforgettable. 

If you would like to check out Katharine's blog head over to katharineandme.blogspot.co.uk
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