3 November 2014

Love. "Color". Makeup. Need I say more?

So, I may be pretty late to jump on the rose gold bandwagon... but here we are, one cheeky love makeup order later. 

Zoeva have been a firm staple in my collection since discovering the brand a couple of years ago. The set of eight essential brushes cost £56, which I thought to be really affordable considering the quality in exchange for your buck. The price included a brown, faux leather makeup bag, which I must say left me drooling, and a burgundy sleeve for travelling. Aside from the dreamy aesthetics I was truly sold on the set when I read that the bristles were a mix of natural hair and synthetic taklon; meaning that they are versatile in that they work well with liquid, cream and powder products (and I will vouch for that). 

So let's get down to business: my picks. I had expected to cheat on my MAC 217 with the Soft Definer 227, after hearing the rumour that it made a pretty good dupe of the cult product, but much to my delight I actually found that the love affair I was embarking on was with the Luxe Petit Crease 231. The shape and density of the brush makes application effortless, especially for a gal who likes a subtle highlight in the inner corners of the eye.
But quite honestly, for me, nothing overshadows the 110 face shape brush; it has quickly sweeped it's way into my everyday routine and I can't envision that I will be putting it down any time soon. I find it to be the perfect shape for applying concealer to the under-eye area, but I've equally enjoyed using it to dust powder highlight onto the tops of my cheekbones. 

Sorry Sam & Nic, I'm afraid my real techniques have taken a back seat for the time being!

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