1 January 2015

Blog Round Up 2014

Well hello there stranger - and a happy New Year to you! You may have noticed that I have been M.I.A for the better part of December - there should be a post explaining all, coming up in the next couple of weeks, but even though I'm an incy wincy bit late I would still like to share the lurrrve and put up this little round up of my favourite blogs from 2014. 

SO, let's get down to business:

Vivianna Does Makeup - a legendary/award winning beauty blog that has fuelled the majority of my  makeup and skincare purchases this year. Warning: Enabler alert! Personally I'm not one of the readers that seems to get hot under the collar about sponsored content, I figure as long as she's being open and honest with her viewers, then girl, it's all good.

Highlights: Daily posting made it near-on impossible to narrow it down to three favourites so in true Anna-style I'm going to cheat and leave this one up to you! 

Hayley-Eszti- Whenever I feel myself slipping into dangerous negative nilly territory I pay a visit to Hayley's blog. Hayley puts her naked heart and soul into her writing with bona fide conviction, and always inspires me with her unfaltering positive attitude, despite everything she deals with, as a chronic illness sufferer, on a daily basis.
Hay, you ma role model <3

Highlights: Santa baby, slip a hot man under the tree, for me, Perfectly imperfect, My life with memory loss 

Meg Says - One of my highlights of 2014 was getting to know this lip stick lovin' beauty & lifestyle blogger. I've thoroughly enjoyed taking a #teabreak each week to catch up on everything Meg has had to say. She's a true example of beauty rooted much further than skin-deep; always going that extra mile to flip someone's frown.

Meg Says has very recently branched out into YouTOOB territory and I have every faith that 2015 will be a year chockablock with success for this glowing writer.

Katharine and M.E - The best thing to come out of starting this blog - my wonderful new friend, who I just couldn't imagine life without! Although I am maybe a smidgen bias Katharine is easily the most selfless, giving and compassionate person you will ever meet, and her blog is a true reflection. This year Katharine turned me into someone who uses multiple exclamation marks, but in September she upped the anti by giving up gifts and a big do to donate her 21st birthday to ME Research UK and raised a remarkable £1,500!!!!!! We are so proud of you. 

The world needs more people like you Katharine, keep on shining  <3

Highlights: Turning 21 and raising £1,500 for ME Research UK, What 2014 taught me 

Spoonie Sophia-  I'm not sure who should be writing this one: me or my muma! Regardless of who is in fact the biggest fan of Soph's recipes (it's me, hands down), if you are looking to learn more about incorporating a plant-based diet into a healthy lifestyle, or want to dip your toes into the vegan pool, this is the blog to follow.  Sophia shares her journey in taking control of her health and managing her chronic illnesses using her diet. Both Sophia's blog and instagram are decorated with the most creative and bright photographs that will really inspire you to give her made-easy recipes a whirl.

Highlights: Reaching body confidence, Raw vegan banana & chocolate tart, Gluten-free mince pies

I started my blog mid 2014 with a heart full of hope and I feel so blessed to have met such beautiful souls along the way. We should all feel incredibly proud of the positive and friendly blogging community we have goin' on, and continue to inspire and encourage one another throughout the new year. 

Have you found friendship through blogging? What were your favourite blogs last year? 
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