29 January 2015

Topshop's Answer to For Love & Lemons

Each year as Valentines Day rolls around the corner I find myself on the lookout for something a little special to slip on. I came across For Love & Lemons a few months back and have lusted over the lacey details and kitsch designs ever since. Unfortunately for me, and every other lingerie-lover on an average budget, the price tags are far from dreamy. Earlier this week I was having my usual mosey over the Topshop website when I stumbled upon a mesh, mermaid body suit and had to take a sizeable gasp of air; we had a love at first sight situation on our hands.

Blush nude, satin seashell cups, sheer mesh bodice, complete with mermaid-esque scales = add to bag. When the little beauty fell through my letterbox earlier this morning I was genuinely impressed with the quality, and although I've never been lucky enough to hold a For Love & Love and Lemons piece in my bare hands, I find the design and over all effect undoubtedly comparable.

I feel as if I've stepped out of The Little Mermaid and admittedly as I was taking the photos for this post I was humming the chorus of 'I wanna be where the people are" - now all I need is the secret to her voluminous locks. One thing to bear in mind if you fancy channelling your inner Ariel too, is that it'd probably be wise to size up. I have bee stings and found that even going one size above my usual was still rather snug around the bust.

You're welcome mermen. How are you celebrating the 14th this year?
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