28 November 2014

The one where I turned 19

As of last week I'm officially in my 19th year, woohoo! To mark the occasion I spent the day at home sharing low-key celebrations with my closest that I love the 'mostest'... sometimes it's the simplest days that are the most special.

Image Source: paleoplan.com - Vanilla Pound Cake (a.k.a the best gluten free birthday cake Mum's ever baked!) 

Although we didn't plan anything as such, other than my dad taking the day off, it's safe to say that there was a lot of film viewing, popcorn munching, (munching in general) and the excitement of present opening.

I may not be the kind of gal to initiate a count down, or write a wish-list, but I am the sentimental type that looks to a birthday as a time to reflect over the year and all it had to offer - maybe this comes as part and parcel of having been born in Nov-Dec. Whatever the cause, I felt myself becoming quite overwhelmed with emotion, high and low, as I thought over just how much has happened throughout this past year. It was difficult not to have realised some of the goals I had set, but also incredibly warming to look at everything that I have stumbled across in their place.

Perhaps the most significant feeling was that of the love that surrounds me, from my wonderful family and friends. I am ever-thankful for their support, encouragement and positivity that I am lucky enough to be blessed with every day.

So here's to the 19th year, let's hope it brings happiness, good health and friendship for everyone!

How did you celebrate your birthday this year?
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