23 January 2015

The Cleansing Game-Changer

When it comes to cleanser, like many skincare addicts out there, I generally fall under the 'flitter/non-committer' category; never quite managing to remain loyal to a single product, instead always switching the used bottle out in excitement for something more balmy, less stripping or whatever 'extra mile' I'm on the look out for, at the time. I'd noted the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel onto my mental wish-list a while ago, but at a steep £32 a pop, I could never quite bring myself to justify the purchase. I may have mentioned that I was lusting after this to my mum, on a few occasions, and she thoughtfully wrapped it up for my 19th - bon anniversaire! (Mum points x100).

Something that drew me towards the cleanser, back when I was at the online window shopping stage, was it's predominantly natural formula; infused with vitamins (A, C & E) and starflower oil which are said to work synergistically to improve the appearance of dry (tick), sun damage or mature skin, protect against environmental damage (tick) and enhance, nourish and soften the skin (tick)... tempted?

After a little over two months of using the cleanser, almost daily I might add, I can say with total honesty that no matter what I change up or swap out in my skincare routine Oskia will always feature; big statement. The thang' just manages to do everything I ask of it: soothes, balances, nourishes, removes impurities and illuminates.

I apply the cleanser as the first step of my skincare routine, morning or night, by massaging it directly onto dry skin (this does feel a little funky, but bear with). Now, this step is totally optional but here is where I enjoy leaving the product to soak into the skin for a few minutes, acting like a mini-mask, while I sing along to Ed Sheeran *thinkin' ouuut loud*, before I add a splash of warm water to emulsify. Don't be put off by the fact that it's a gel consistency, I'm usually quite wary myself, but in my opinion it's more balmy and lighter than your average gel formula and once worked into the skin it mimics a light and oily texture with no foam in sight.
I like to use a flannel as apposed to a muslin cloth to remove the excess; simply because I feel like I can really get in there with a flannel and do the job properly. Whatever your personal preference, the gel works really well to shift all that residual, everyday grime without stripping or leaving the skin feeling too tight; one of my pet peeves in cleansers. Since I've been extra poorly lately I haven't been wearing much makeup but on the few occasions I have slipped something on to ma' face the cleanser breaks it down really nicely and with a little encouragement from a flannel it removes all traces in one cleanse.

Together with the absence of warpaint and the of help of this cleanser and a few other little gems in my routine, my otherwise large pores around my T-zone and lacklustre complexion is looking pretty healthy - yay! I know with some certainty that when I'm faced with the dreaded moment when I realise that I've reached the bottom of the bottle, I will be frantically pumping away to try and bring up some product and jumping onto Space NK in a frenzy to re-purchase. I have faith that this cleanser will continue to be a  blessing during the transitional months when my skin is more prone to getting a bit bumpy and veering towards oily. For me, this one has earned its holy grail status in my collection and girls, I couldn't rave about it any more - if you can get your mitts on this, I say go for it!

Have you tried Oskia's Renaissance Cleansing Gel? What's your favourite cleanser?
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