11 March 2015

I found Pinterest

I can't stop pinning. In the last month, thanks to a prompt from my cousin over the phone, I have willingly become a self confessed Pinterest addict, of the highest kind. If you have missed the Pinterest wagon or like me just never got around to taking a look, I can only describe it by comparing it to a magpie's treasure trove of all things imagination and attention to itsy-bitsy detail... on everything you should ever seek inspiration for. That being said, as with everything that I love deeply, I'm going to extend and share my favourite gems from the pin-chest to my blog, but first I feel that I should let you in on the two main reasons that sparked my crush:

1. Since I'm still/currently in the process of moving house, I am in the spirit of all things changeable and new & more importantly I am pinning away in an attempt to gather together some inspiration for my new setting.

2. Given that I am a spoonie by day (& by night but, boy, do I wish I could have the evenings off!) I tend to spend near on all my time in my bedroom so I'm keen to turn it into a little haven. I can't prevent cabin fever but I think it's far more bearable to stare at four nicely decorated walls, scattered with my fondest memories and colours than the alternative; and beyond that I feel like my environment plays a huge part in allowing me to wholly unwind.
If you want to know more about the spoon theory click here.

At this point you can dive into my pin board here or carry on scrolling to read about my highlights.


Okay, so not all of us are lucky enough to have a secret garden getaway at the end of the path, but I couldn't not (double negative intended) include this one in the mix. I love that the asymmetrical aspect to the room is accentuated, almost as much as I adore the contrasting textures and the palette of delicate neutrals & naturals, which you'll probably notice is a running theme throughout the pin board, paired with such a brightening and sunny yellow. If you fancy exploring the Bird's Nest Inn (how adorable is their naming game) I've linked their blog here

Granny's take on Parisian: 

Crochet; kinda like marmite but I happen to be a fan - of crochet that is and not the icky, brown spread. There's something rustic, something soft yet the room manages to maintain such a minimal pose. I think all minimalistic room designs offer that feeling of effortless calm; you know the kind that gives you an overwhelming urge to dive straight onto the bed for a good kip or a read of a book that you haven't picked up in months. 

Country Bumpkin: 

I'll let you in on a little secret: one of my most cherished dreams for the future is to live in a quaint and quintessentially English cottage. I can imagine Adam and I bumbling around in the tiny corridors and laughing explosively each time he would bend his 6ft 2 self under the door frames. I'm big on the ability a room has to bring about feelings and this one, for me, is warm and rosy. 

If you have pinterest let me know so that I can say a 'hello' and leave a comment on this post if you fancy telling me the choice of key words would you be entering into the Pinterest search bar - shabby chic, Parisian, sixties or mod'?

P.S Apologies for my absence throughout Feb and expected patchiness in March-April also. Moving = busy times.

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